Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes have now been around for more than a decade with new brands as well as various versions are coming up daily with most of them being improvements of older versions. As a matter of fact, it is said that they are bound to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes in the future. There are various types of Electronic Cigarettes in the market. Electronic Cigarettes types are categorized according to size, looks, battery types and user-ability among others.

Electronic Cigarettes By Size and Looks

There are three main sizes of E-Cigs. These are:
  1. Mini E-Cigs ('Cig-a-Likes')

    These are the most preferred electronic cigarettes by first-time users as they have the same look and feel of traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are small, light, comfortable and discreet. Minis are widely available and can either be disposable or rechargeable. These E-Cigs are cheaper as compared to other types and are work better for light to moderate smokers. A common problem associated with Minis is the fact that they tend to have a short battery life hence one would need to recharge it regularly as well as replace the batteries after a short time.

  2. Mid-Size E-Cigs

    These are E-Cigs that make up the second generation and definitely the favorite for a majority of heavy 'smokers' since their performance is almost double that of Minis. These electronic cigarettes look a lot like pens. They have a longer battery life compared to the Minis (double the mini's battery life) as well as provide a great experience for a majority of smokers. The problem with mid-size E-Cigs is that this category is slightly larger than the traditional cigarette hence does not provide sufficient discreetness. Further, such Electronic Cigarettes need to be manually operated as there are no automatic options yet in the market.

  3. Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVS) or Mods

    These are E-Cigs look like tubes (tubemod) or little boxes the size of a cigarette pack (boxmod) known to provide the ultimate experience to users. They normally use a prepackaged cylindrical battery pack and come with functions that do not come with the Minis or Mid-size E-cigs. Such functions allow for the customization ofthe E-Cig to ones preferences. They have an extended battery life and a solid construction that lasts long. This category of E-Cigs are known to be very expensive. Further the battery care is also complex as a result of the individual Li-ion cells.

Every Electronic Cigarette consists of a battery, cartridge as well as atomizer. However, recent developments have seen atomizers and cartridges combined together to make one part known as the 'Cartomizer'. More recent versions have replaced the cartiomizers with 'clearomizers' which are the transparent tanks that have tube in the middle.

Electronic Cigarette Types According to Batteries

There are to different types of battery modes. These are automatic and manual.
  1. Automatic: This is a mode in which the LED light at the end of the Electronic Cigarette lights up automatically upon the user inhaling. This type is more convenient for a majority of users as it eliminates additional activity.
  2. Manual: Here, a user has to press the LED button and hold it as he or she inhales. This allows for the user to control the amount of vapor he or she inhales.

Electronic Cigarette Type According to Usability ( Disposable and Reusable)

Electronic Cigarettes in this category include:
  1. Completely Disposable Models: These work best for social smokers, beginners sampling out E-Cig brands or as presents for smokers.
  2. Rechargeable But With Disposable Cartomizers: These are mostly Cig-a-Likes. They work best for users who do not want use refillings, e-liquids and much more. Here, they are instead required to purchase cartomizers that are already filled with their favorite e-liquid flavors.
  3. Rechargeable With Refillable Cartridges/Cartomizers: These are characteristics asociate with the latest Electronic Cigarette generation. Here, a user is required to purchase the only e-liquid for refilling the cartridges/cartomizers. They are mostly preferred by heavy smokers as well as those who do not mind spending some time refilling the cartridges/cartomizers.

With the daily advancements in technology, the Electronic Cigarette industry is bound to see various developments on the current trends to make Electronic Cigarettes even better than they currently are. In the near future, more types of Electronic Cigarettes will be seen in the market providing a diversity of choices for users.