Electronic Cigarette Buying Guide

Electronic cigarettes have become the subject of talk in the recent past. Ranging from how they help people quit smoking to how they act as a better substitute for those who cannot do without smoking, a lot of praiseworthy things have been said about e-cigs. However, not all electronic cigarettes in the market are of good quality. There are many brick-and-mortar and online stores selling electronic cigarettes and it is therefore easy to get one. You need to know the tips that should guide you when buying electronic cigarettes in order to find the best brand that meets your individual needs. As such, this article explores a number of factors to guide you when purchasing e-cigs.

First, it is imperative to determine the kind of a smoker you are. There are many classes of smokers. Some people are moderate smokers while others are chain smokers. Moderate smokers are people who cannot smoke more than half a packet of cigarettes in a day while a chain smoker may puff more than two packs in a single day. Once you know the category of smokers you fall in, it should be easy for you to get cigarettes that quench your thirst. Go for heavier duty cigs if you are a chain smoker and choose light brands if you are just a social smoker. Heavier duty cigs have more flavor and higher amount of smoke. Such cigarettes are of course more expensive and it might not be easy to determine the heaviness of a cigarette since the descriptions on the packet may not be very clear.

You must not forget the paramount importance of quality as you purchase electronic cigarettes. Note that a cigarette is not necessarily of high quality just because it is expensive. However, the quality of any cheap cigarette will be something between low and negligible. As you shop around for the best electronic cigarettes, you should favor sellers who offer money-back guarantees since this is an indication that their brands are of some remarkable quality.  

The charger of the electronic cigarette you purchase ought to be put into consideration as shop for the best. Most electronic cigs come with a USB. However, smokers who do not have access to computers or other USB-compatible devices might not need to have the USB. Other brands come with chargers that can be used in the car. These portable kits are not very appropriate for heavy smokers who might want to puff more often. 

The carrying case should also be considered. This case is important because it helps you keep track of batteries, cartridges, and also the e-cigs themselves. Many companies do not recommend carrying the cartridge together with the cigarette because the unit can easily be activated, leading to dripping of the liquid. With a carrying case, all these carriage problems are solved.

The more the smoke an electronic cigarette emits, the more the juice the battery loses. If you are a light smoker, you may fancy having a lighter battery. It however can be quite irritating for heavy or chain smokers. Note that a fully charged battery is equivalent to a single packet of e-cigs.

Although we have seen that cheap is not the best, it is important to determine the amount of money you pay for electronic cigarettes. The price for cartridges does not vary that much but the durations they last are quite varied. Further, there are some kits that may cost little but consume a lot of money in the long run whereas others have high initial costs but little extra charges. Make the wisest decision according to your own personal preferences.

The taste of the cigarette you buy cannot be taken for granted. Those that used to smoke traditional cigarettes should not expect electronic cigarettes to be an exact replacement. They need to make the necessary adjustments in order to acclimatize themselves to the more modern cigarettes. One striking advantage of e-cigs is that they do not have the horrendous taste and smell of traditional brands. 

Go for flavors and designs that suit you best. You may choose cherry or chocolate flavors. Unlike the traditional sticks, electronic cigarette have fantastic taste and flavors that give one the impression that they are out there at a candy store.